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Benefits Of Divorce Mediation In California

Benefits Of Divorce Mediation In California

Going through a divorce can be stressful and challenging, especially when the divorce terms are contested. Many issues, such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division, need to be settled before a dissolution of marriage is granted. Divorce mediation can be beneficial for couples who want to settle their differences without family court intervention.

Divorce can be an emotionally, legally, and financially complicated process. However, mediation can make the divorce process easier and less stressful for couples who want to avoid a trial. Keep reading to learn more about divorce mediation in California and how it may benefit you and your family.

Mediation Is Less Expensive And Less Time-Consuming Than Trial

Trials are expensive, especially when there are many unresolved issues that need to be decided by a judge. Divorce mediation is not free, but mediation fees are a fraction of the costs involved with going to trial. When mediation is successful, the divorce process is also resolved much more quickly than it would be if you were to litigate your divorce in court.

Have A Say In The Terms Of Your Divorce

When the terms of your divorce are litigated at trial, the judge decides contentious issues for you and your family. Your attorney will present your case to the court, but ultimately it is the judge that makes the decisions that will impact you and your family. Divorce mediation is not binding unless you and your spouse agree to the terms, which means that no one is making these important concessions and agreements for you.

Keep Family Matters Private

It can be difficult to keep court records confidential, which means that many details of your divorce become public records when you go to trial. Many people prefer to keep their family law matters private, and mediation does exactly that. Whether or not your divorce mediation is successful, there is no public record of what happened during your mediation.

Easier On You And Your Family

When you are already facing a stressful and life-changing family matter, a pending trial adds a layer of stress for you and your family. Trial stresses related to an uncertain outcome, litigation expenses, and arguing with your spouse in court can be eliminated when you go through mediation.

Mediation attempts are not guaranteed to be successful. However, when divorcing spouses can agree to some or all of their divorce terms, the legal process is generally easier on the entire family, especially when children are involved. For spouses that disagree about divorce terms but are willing to compromise, mediation may be a beneficial alternative to trial.

California Divorce Mediation Attorney

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