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Divorce mediation occurs when a couple tries to settle their divorce agreement outside of the court system. Often in the presence of their respective attorneys and a neutral third-party mediator, the couple will try to reach decisions on various aspects of their divorce.

As a judge does not know the ins and outs of a couple’s relationship, their unbiased perspective may not be the most beneficial. Through mediation, the couple can attempt to reach mutually beneficial arrangements.

By choosing divorce mediation, you will have the opportunity to receive benefits, such as:

  • Reduced Legal Fees
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Fast Resolution
  • Confidentiality

At the law offices of Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law, our experienced attorneys have the skills needed to guide you and your spouse through the mediation process successfully.

When you and your partner are considering a legal separation, the process can be challenging. It is in both of your best interests to hire qualified Torrance attorneys like Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law.

What Happens During A Divorce Mediation?

When a couple decides to try and settle their divorce outside of court, they will work with a state-certified divorce mediator. This legal professional will help them make decisions on issues such as child custody, child support, and property division.

The mediator will first meet with each spouse to determine what types of issues require discussion and the order in which they will be deliberated.

Once these guidelines have been established, the mediator will provide each spouse with a list of documents they will need to recover before the next meeting. These include, but are not limited to tax documents, financial account information, pay stubs, real estate property valuations, life insurance policies, and even inherited or gifted property or items.

During mediation, a mediator’s role is to do the following:

  • Facilitate communication, so each party has uninterrupted time to speak
  • Clarify questions and answers
  • Provide legal statistics and information
  • Identify alternative problem-solving options

Depending on a couple’s current relationship dynamic, the mediator will work diligently to maintain calm and understanding throughout the proceedings.

When all decisions are made, the mediator will draft an agreement for review by each party and their attorneys. There are times, however, that couples cannot agree on all issues. In this case, they will still require a judge to finalize their divorce.

What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation has been proven so successful that many states have made it a mandatory step before court hearings can be scheduled. In states where it is not an automatic requirement, a judge can still mandate the couple to try mediation before proceeding to court.

Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple ways to handle a divorce. At Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law, we’ve discovered that many couples find divorce mediation to be the best option for several reasons.

Reduced Legal Expenses

Compared to a traditional ‘litigated’ divorce, the legal fees involved with divorce mediation are much lower.

Flexible Scheduling

When a couple requests a court hearing for their divorce settlement, the schedule is at the judge’s discretion. With mediation, however, the couple has more say in what will work best for them and their family.

Greater Control Over Outcomes

Rather than having a judge determine what is best for your family, divorce mediation lets each spouse have a say in what will work for them.

Faster Divorce Resolution

While some mediations can take months to conclude, the average finishes in only 3-4 hours. When couples are anxious to finalize their agreement, this is a much quicker option than going through the courts.

Confidential Records

Given that mediations settle outside of the courtroom, the agreements reached are not a part of public record. If confidentiality is crucial for your family, divorce mediation is the best option.

Less-Troublesome For Families

As difficult as divorce can be for couples, it is even more challenging for their children. Divorce mediation helps to prevent matters from getting ‘ugly’ and can maintain a peaceful environment throughout dissolution proceedings.

Improved Communication

Often, couples find that divorce mediation helps strengthen their communication with each other and improves their relationship moving forward.

Find An Experienced Family Law Attorney To Learn More About The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

At Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law, we believe that divorce mediation is a lucrative option for many couples.

If you’re interested in a stress-, inexpensive, and flexible way of finalizing your divorce agreement, mediation might be the best solution for your family. Our experienced attorneys will be by your side to ensure you’re getting fair treatment throughout the proceedings.

If you want to learn more about the ways divorce mediation can help your family, give us a call today at (424) 250-9130. Or you can fill out our easy-to-use online form.

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