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Legal separation occurs when a married couple wants to live separately but isn’t interested in getting a divorce. It is also illegal for men and women to remarry or enter into domestic partnerships while legally separated from their partner. The legal process, however, is very much the same as divorce proceedings.

Before a legal separation can be finalized, the couple must reach agreements on various topics. While it’s preferred that they make these decisions on their own, the process sometimes requires litigation and courtroom hearings.

People often wonder why a married couple would choose legal separation over divorce. There are many reasons men and women make this choice, such as:

  • Personal or Religious Beliefs
  • Financial Benefits
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Possible Reconciliation

When you and your partner are considering a legal separation, the process can be challenging. It is in both of your best interests to hire qualified Torrance attorneys like Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law.

What Does A Legal Separation Agreement Address?

When discussing a legal separation agreement, there are many decisions couples must make. This process often happens during mediation or litigation proceedings.

If you and your partner are considering a legal separation, you must address topics, such as:

What Are The Benefits Of Legal Separation In Torrance?

It can seem strange to stay married if you no longer want to live together. There are several reasons, however, that many couples make this choice, including:

Personal Or Religious Beliefs

For most people, entering into a marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Many have personal beliefs against getting a divorce once they’ve made this commitment. There are also certain religions that don’t allow divorce.

For these groups of people, legal separation can be an ideal solution when a couple is experiencing irreconcilable differences.

Financial Benefits

One of the most common reasons Torrance couples choose legal separation is the financial benefits. If you’re still married, you can collect on things such as military benefits and tax credits, despite living separately.

When a couple enters into a legal separation, they also have the opportunity to continue pooling their financial resources.

Health Insurance Coverage

In many relationships, the couple has joint insurance coverage. To avoid losing health benefits, a legal separation allows husbands and wives to stay on the same policies.

Possible Reconciliation

For some couples, the choice to become legally separated has to do with their unwillingness to officially divorce. Many people want to keep the door open for possible reconciliation. They use legal separation as a time to work on their relationship and decide how they would like to move forward in the future.

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If you’re considering a legal separation, but don’t know where to start, it’s probably time to hire a professional.

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