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What To Do If An Order Of Protection Has Been Violated

What To Do If An Order Of Protection Has Been Violated

Protection orders are generally meant to protect victims of abuse, harassment, or violence. In family law matters, orders of protection are often issued to protect a parent or child in domestic disputes. California family law attorney Bruce A. Mandel represents clients in all types of family law matters, including those involving orders of protection.

We can help you through the protection application process, and we will work with appropriate law enforcement agencies when necessary to protect you and your family. We know that family law matters that threaten your physical safety and health are frightening, and we will seek every legal remedy available to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Types Of Protection Orders And Violations

Protection orders may be civil orders or criminal orders, depending on the circumstances of your case. When a defendant is prosecuted for abuse or violence, the protection order will generally be a criminal order. If there is no criminal prosecution, you can apply for a civil order of protection. In some cases, there may be both a criminal and civil protection order in place.

If the restrained person does not comply with your protection order, he or she may suffer the legal consequences of violating a protection order. Protection orders may address many issues, including those listed below.

What To Do If An Order Of Protection Has Been Violated

First and foremost, if your order of protection has been violated, make sure that you and your family are safe. Call the police if necessary. Once you have found safety, contact an order of protection attorney to discuss your legal options. An experienced family law attorney will help you determine the legal steps you should take. We know that protection order matters can be intimidating and stressful, but an experienced attorney can help you navigate the court system and protection order enforcement process.

Protective orders only work when they are enforced, which is why we typically recommend reporting protection order violations. California courts take orders of protection seriously, and they are strict when it comes to violations. Those who violate protection orders may be sentenced to prison and ordered to pay a fine. Penalties are steeper when there are aggravating circumstances, such as repeated violations or violations that result in physical injuries.

Orders Of Protection Attorney

Seeking and enforcing orders of protection is often critical to protect victims and their family members in family law matters. At the Law Offices of Bruce A. Mandel, we know that acts of violence and physical threats should never be taken lightly. When you come to us to handle your order of protection and other family law issues, we will put your health and safety first.

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