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What To Expect During A Child Support Modification Process

What To Expect During A Child Support Modification Process

When parents go through a divorce, or choose not to live together, the court system will often assign primary custody of their child to one parent or the other.

To give that child the same type of life they would have if the parents were still living together, the judge may also grant monetary child support. When situations change, however, child support modification may come into play.

At Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law, our team of lawyers is available to guide you through this challenging process. With years of experience behind us, we have a thorough understanding of these proceedings and how to best get through them.

What Are The Reasons For Changing a Child Support Order?

In the simplest terms, child support modification occurs when one or both parents experience a circumstance that results in a lifestyle change. This situation often describes a need to have the monthly amount increased or decreased.

Some of the most common reasons a Torrance family might require changes to their child support order are:

  • Increase in Income
  • Family Inheritance
  • Marriage
  • Disability of Parent
  • Loss of Job or Source of Income
  • Education & Activity Expenses
  • Incarceration of Parent

How Does Child Support Modification Occur?

It’s a common misconception that parents can decide amongst themselves to alter their current child support arrangement.

While the process to modify an agreement varies from state-to-state, it almost always involves getting a judge’s approval. If both parties agree to the modification, a judge may grant the change without any formal proceedings.

If the parents can’t reach an agreement, however, an experienced attorney like the ones at Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law will likely file a petition. A court appearance will be necessary to determine what type of child support modification will occur.

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Child Support?

If a judge has ordered you to pay child support, under no circumstances should you ever skip that payment.

When a liable party refuses to pay their court-mandated child support, they are at risk of fines and possible imprisonment. If you are arrested for refusing to pay, the missed payments will continue to build up during your imprisonment, and you will be indebted that amount.

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Skipping child support payments, or paying less than required, can lead to harsh punishments and complicated situations.

If your financial circumstances have changed, and you can no longer pay your required payment, it may be time to consider a child support modification. With over 27 years in the field, Bruce A. Mandel Divorce & Family Law can help you take the necessary steps to adjust your payments and do the best thing for your child.

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