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What To Expect During The Divorce Mediation Process

What To Expect During The Divorce Mediation Process

The road leading to divorce is a long and hard one, and if this process is improperly handled, it can drag on for months, even years, wrecking financial and emotional havoc on the parties involved. However, couples can avoid all of the complications and negative aspects of this process by leaning towards a much better method commonly referred to as divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation entails using an objective third-party to find solutions to crucial issues such as child custody, spousal support, and other disagreements the couple might have. This third-party helps the couple reach an agreement by acting as a ‘go-between’ or an intermediary. The mediator is allowed to offer suggestions and opinions, but is not allowed to force the agreement on both parties; they can only come to a compromise by themselves.

Attorney Bruce A. Mandel can be of help in the mediation process for your divorce and help you reach an amicable decision.

The Goal Of Divorce Mediation

The divorce mediation process is a very private and confidential affair. The couple meets up at the same time with a neutral attorney for the procedure. Peaceful mediation can be done in offices or even via virtual online or phone conferences.

The most important goal of this process is to create a safe environment for both parties to freely share their thoughts to reach a decision favorable to both parties. Both parties can only achieve a disaster-free separation when the mediator is one who is very experienced and well trained.

The mediator informs the couple on the available options concerning dividing their property and money. The mediator also helps them understand the best options to take but doesn’t pressure them into accepting any. They are to be as neutral as possible and work for the benefits of both parties.

Employing a mediator’s help is usually a speedy process. It may not take more than two meetings, depending on the mediator’s efficiency and, of course, the willingness of the parties involved to reach a compromise.

Things To Expect During The Divorce Mediation Process

Although the divorce mediation process is straightforward, there are still many unpredictable things that can occur during the process. The unpredictable nature of mediation should be put in mind by the parties involved, so they don’t enter into the process blindly.

There is an introductory stage with the mediator: In this stage, you and your spouse get to give the mediator all the necessary background information. The mediator gets to learn and understand all of what went wrong in the marriage and tries to resolve these issues; that is,if they can be resolved or fixed.

Then there is the negotiating stage: This stage entails the central part of the deal where both parties get to say what they want or don’t want. Both parties also bring forth all their assets, and they each decide on how to divide and share it.

Then there is the concluding stage: This is the final stage, where both parties reach an agreement or a compromise.

However, it is important to note that;

Both parties might not come clean about their assets. Both parties must present the totality of their holdings for equitable sharing. However, both parties might withhold important information relating to their finances, which can prevent justice from being served. In this case, an attorney who is experienced and financially savvy will come in handy.

There might not be a total compromise at the end of the day. Even with mediation, both parties might not be satisfied with the result of the mediation. It is up to them to go with what they have or have another mediation session.

The mediator cannot decide for you. The mediator will only give you options, and you would weigh them to see which is favorable. As stated earlier, the mediator will remain objective throughout the process and would not force any decisions on you.

Divorce Mediation Process In California

Generally, divorce mediation is preferred by couples who are eager to avoid litigation, and the stress it is bound to cause. If you considering the mediation process as an alternative for litigation, Attorney Bruce A. Mandel can help you achieve a peaceful separation by drafting a fair divorce agreement. He is well known for adequate representation in regards to family law and divorce mediation and will represent the interest of both parties equally.

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